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Lack of monitoring system in govt schools affecting results, says NCERT director

MYSURU: Questioning the disparity in the results achieved by students of private and government schools, director of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) HK Senapaty on Saturday asked, “When private school teachers, who don’t get good salaries and whose jobs are not secure can help their students achieve good results, why can the same not be done by their counterparts in government schools, who are well qualified, earn good salaries and whose jobs are secure?”
Asnwering his own question, Senapaty said, “This is largely a result of the monitoring system in private schools, which is lacking in government institutions.”

Senapaty was delivering his presidential address during the two-day workshop on ‘Vision and Mission of Inter-University Centre for Teacher Education (IUCTE)’ organised by the Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Mysuru at its premises. “Although our national policy on education, and documents are good and have been appreciated both in India, and in other countries, there is a problem in implementing the same. Without strengthening teacher’s education, we cannot improve the quality of school education, but unfortunately our teacher education programmes are neglected. Intensive research, proper monitoring and implementation of policy is the need of the hour to come up with a successful teacher education programme,” he said.

Vice-chancellor of the University of Hyderabad Podile Appa Rao, who inaugurated the workshop, spoke of the gap in the requirement for teachers and planning in teacher education. “E-resources are the need of the hour, but what we plan today gets delayed during implementation. We need to thoroughly research requirements at the grassroots level. Diversity in classrooms needs to be taken care of so that teachers remain relevant, and don’t become redundant,” said Appa Rao.

Chief of education for UNICEF, New Delhi, Euphrates Efosi Wose delivered the keynote address. “IUCTE provides a platform to strengthen teacher education in the southern part of the country. Teaching profession needs supportive supervision and it is the responsibility of the people concerned to depoliticise the teaching system. While bringing in technological solutions is the need of the hour, it is our objectives that should determine what technology we use,” she said.

Principal of RIE, Mysuru Y Sreekanth spoke on the objectives of IUCTE centre.

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